I meet a lot of people who’ve had to downsize their businesses (or have been downsized themselves)

who talked about how their industries are changing (in a bad way) because of greater regulations or technology making their biz irrelevant.

I feel very lucky to have landed with a company that’s enjoying expansion & market growth and using technology to propel us into even greater success. Some of the latest exciting news?


Rodan + Fields has outgrown its current headquarters, and I can’t wait to see our swanky new building near the Embarcadero. This growth is fueled by the all of us who are building businesses of our own around the country. Image

Because of our success and the expertise and efforts of our Corporate Team, we’re now ranked in the top 100 GLOBAL direct sales companies, yet we haven’t event expanded beyond the US.


What an exciting time to be a part of this company. I’m honored to share in its success and help others do the very same.   Message me to learn how you or someone you know can take part in this amazing opportunity with this phenomenal company.


Tammy Allen-Schenke
Independent  Consultant
Rodan + Fields Dermatologist
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